In Tune with Brooke Addamo

We loved shooting you all radiant and Monte-clad. What’s your fave hue in the shoe?

Thank you. I really like them all but my favourite would be Peacoat Navy.

What song makes an average day better every time?

Anything by The Supremes!

When and where do your Monte’s get the most traction?

Dancing around the house. 

If you could have anyone on this earth serenade you, who would it be and what would they sing?

If he were still on this earth,  Serge Gainsbourg.

Star sign? Is it true to you?

Capricorn. Yes, in many ways but I never realised why I had a very sensitive cry baby side until I found out that my moon is in Cancer. Considering that is apparently how you see yourself and it rules your emotions it made more sense. 

Best on-stage moment?

There are too many to even think of. I think most recently I was lucky enough to head over to Perth for a festival. After not being able to play a show all of 2020 it was a pretty big moment. It made me appreciate the feeling so much more.

Guilty music pleasure? (Something you listen to kicking back solo in your Montes).

It's not really guilty because I love pop music but probably Ariana Grande. 

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