Meet The Artist: Shakirra Rees

What inspired your merry Monte packaging?

I was mostly inspired by Monte’s earthy colour palette, I wanted it to feel minimal and relaxed.

Chrissy plans this year?

Spending Christmas in Melbourne with new friends which is something different for me. I’m excited to make new traditions, and cook yummy food!

Ultimate festive cocktail to kick your feet up with?

Loving a cocktail with Yuzu in it these days, but I also love a French Martini!

Walk us through a workday in your shoes slippers.

Get up early, go for a walk in the park and grab a coffee. I try to fit in a workout in the morning, and then either draw, edit photos, embroider or clean the house, and end the day cooking dinner with the housemates!

Go-to Christmas lunch plate? 

A bunch of everything on my plate, roast potatoes, chickpea salad, falafels, bread!

An artist we should deck the halls right now

Molly Younger from Melbourne is an incredible artist/ designer.  

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