In 2018, Melbourne couple Lib Hutton and Will Carter saw a gap in the market for unisex hotel-style loafers that could equally be worn to the pub or work, as around the house. The brief was simple. Monte had to be stylish, superb and statement-making, as well as sofa-to-street proof.

Their original stylish velvet slip-ons were modelled on the classic Prince Albert loafer, a shoe originally worn in the 19th century by people entertaining at home. The second range produced  Monte’s Terry-towelling slipper -  an embodiment of all that relaxation should be — vibrant, laid-back and fit for slippers on the couch. The new 2022 winter range is like stepping into a warming cocoon as the soft and warm shearling range is your perfect partner as you rug up fireside with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Cast your mind back to when ‘slippers’ stirred up visions of a sedentary lifestyle, hospitals, or were strictly worn within the four walls of your abode. Monte Slippers flipped the narrative taking the antiquated glide-on shoe and transforming it into a premium, sartorial cocoon for footwear du jour. Whether one is searching for women’s slippers in Australia or men’s slippers in Australia, Monte offers something for you.

Now, when the conscious, modern, stylish consumer thinks ‘slipper’, they think Monte Slippers. Why? Because Monte Slippers has been the stalwart standard of beautifully-crafted daytime slippers for five years now. An industry disrupter, Monte Slippers reimagined the humble beginnings of the hotel slipper and the laissez-faire slide to bring Australians a new era of easy-wear footwear. 

The Melbourne-born label continues to live by the Monte mantra with its developing range: “Slippers can be worn anywhere, anytime.” Monte loves to go shopping, we say. Monte loves a visit to the park or the pub or visiting friends. 

Slippers are a legitimate daywear fashion item for men and women and Monte slippers lead the way as an Australian brand to follow.

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