We’re so glad you’ve met Monte.

Pop a pair on. We're going for a little stroll down memory lane.

Monte is like the lovechild of the humble hotel slide and the regal Prince Albert slipper. 

We made this haute hybrid to offer your feet some downtime without making any sartorial compromises. (And we* were a bit obsessed with stashing slippers on holidays).

*Ahem, Will.

Our brief was simple. Monte had to be stylish, superb and statement-making, as well as sofa-to-street proof.

We love a good monogram, so offer bespoke printing to dial up the fanciness some more. 

Constantly painting new pairs and plotting designs, we’ll be right here if you need us. 

Oh, and if you ever have any sizing questions, styling woes or want to share the compliments your Montes received in Woolies today, drop us a line. 


Lib & Will