For our entire lives we’ve shared a love for cosy hotel slippers. After piles of them had built up in our wardrobe, we decided it was time to create something that lasted the distance and moved seamless from inside the house to out.
We took comfort and durability and paired it with style inspired by the traditional Prince Albert slipper (hence our nod towards all things royal).
Our sole (mind the pun) aim is to you feel relaxed and feel good about what’s on your feet.
We believe comfort does not always need to compromise style.
As our society changes and in turn, our lives, the boundaries between work and home, corporate and casual, even winter and summer blur and that’s where Monte comes into play. 
Monte is your travel mate, chill protector, coffee & paper buddy, and sofa companion.
Thanks for dropping by. We hope you love Monte as much as we do.
Lib & Will Carter