Walking The Line Between Motherhood and Business: A Q&A With Our Founder Lib

After two years raising her business baby, Monte, our founder Lib *pivoted* to humans last year, bringing the incredibly cute Florence into the world.

With her first official Mother’s Day just around the corner, we slipped on our Montes, took the pram out and checked in with Lib to get her take on early motherhood.

Monte Director Lib and her newborn

Favourite thing about Florence (so far)?

Her crazy hair and big blue eyes.

Describe early motherhood in three words. 

A rollercoaster ride. (Fun, frightening & thrilling).

HOW are you mum-ing and biz-running?

I feel like I should say something here about ‘the juggle’ but it’s really just learning to adapt to your new life. You can’t do the things you used to or move at the speed you did before. But once you accept that, it’s so enjoyable. I love getting stuck into work when she’s sleeping and I have two mornings off each week to go into the office. I would have found it harder to stop completely!

Some sage advice for the soon-to-be-mums?

Soak up the newborn stage (although at the time you just want it to pass). It’s gone in a flash and the cuddles are THE BEST. Go out as much as you can when the baby is young as the older they get, the harder it is!

Plans for the first M-Day?

Family walk into a long (potentially boozy) brunch.

Something every new mum should do for herself?

Book in a neck & shoulder massage post-birth and treat yourself to a pair of slippers (ideal for the hospital and those early days housebound).

Ultimate new mum uniform. Go. 

I’m now in white shirts and white pants to match the baby vomAnd of course, every outfit paired with some Monte’s. I like to change up the colours on the reg – pink is currently on high rotation.

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