The Best Slippers for Women in Australia in 2022

best women's slippers in 2022

It’s getting chillier, the days are shorter, and if you’re anything like us, you might be finding it difficult to roll out of the cocoon of warmth of your bed in the mornings. With at least another few months of Winter to go, it’s the perfect time to indulge and invest in a pair of cosy, warm slippers. But what if you could wear these slippers out of the house too? Keep reading to find out our top pics for the best slippers for women in Australia in 2022. 

What to look for when buying slippers for women? 

When you’re shopping for slippers, and intending to wear them both indoors and outdoors, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Comfort: Perhaps most important is ensuring you purchase a shoe that’s as comfortable enough to cosy up on the couch in, as it is to walk down to your local cafe for a morning coffee. Opt for a well-designed shoe that offers some food support. 

  • Material: There are lots of different materials to choose from when it comes to slippers. From velvet and wool to terry towelling, there are no wrong choices, and it depends on your personal style and where you’ll be wearing your slippers. 

  • Season: If you’re looking to get all year-round wear, then velvet slippers are a great choice. Instead, if you’re hunting for warm slippers for women, Shearling is the way to go. 

  • Style: Why not add a personal touch to your slippers with monogramming? It’s a beautiful way to elevate this once housebound shoe. 

How to choose summer slippers for women?  

Let’s be clear - slippers aren’t just for the cooler season! Slipper slides are actually ideal (and oh so comfy) for the summer season. Whether you’re poolside, or lounging at the beach, they’re a chic footwear choice. In fact, our Terry Towelling Slippers are designed specifically for summertime. They come in summer-appropriate pastels and the material itself lends itself perfectly to notions of summertime. Regardless of which shoes you choose, we recommend opting for open-toed slippers when the sun’s out.

What to avoid when buying winter slippers for women? 

There’s no rules when it comes to fashion besides wearing what you like, and what makes you feel good. However, there are a few things you may want to consider avoiding specifically for winter slippers. 

  • Open-toed shoes: If you’re looking for a really cosy, ultra warm shoe, consider choosing a closed-toe slipper. That being said, it’s a personal choice and the Shearling range does come in an open-toed option if you can’t stand closed-toed shoes. 

  • Colour: Consider opting for neutral black and white to go with your entire wardrobe, or pops of deep mulberry, red, or elegant navy to suit a winter wardrobe. 

5 Best Slippers for Women in 2022

When it comes to choosing the best slippers for women in 2022, we’re obviously a little biased. So we’ve included a few non-Monte brands in styles we don’t currently offer.

1. Shearing Slipper in Oatmeal 

oatmeal shearling slipper

If you’re on the hunt for the best white fluffy slippers for the depths of winter, try our new Shearling Slippers. We describe them best as if you were walking on a cloud, thanks to their  superbly-soft interior lining. The best part is you don’t have to slide them off when you’re running out the door - nope, they can come right with you out the house! For stylish winter slippers for women, you really can do no better than Shearling.

2. Classic Ugg Boots from Uggs 

We promised this roundup wouldn’t just include Monte slippers but a few styles we don’t currently offer. One such, is the classic and much loved ‘Ugg Boot’ style. There are many Australian brands that are already offering this take on slippers and it doesn’t fit our brand ethos of indoor to outdoor slipper shoes, but they are popular for a reason. If you’re looking for a comfy boot style shoe, this is really the way to go. 

3. Velvet Slipper in Powder Blue 

velvet slipper blue

Next, comes our original Velvet Slippers. Ideal for all seasons, outfits, and genders, you really can’t get a better all-round slipper shoe than our in our Velvet collection.  The simple but striking silhouette will quickly become your trans-seasonal trustee.  For women, we’ve selected the delicate powder blue shade as our top pick right now as it lends itself perfectly to casual, relaxed wear.  Just think of them as your coffee-to-cocktail slippers, made super-soft for very important days of indulgence. 

4. Women’s Moccasins from Marks and Spencers 

Another ‘at home only’ slipper is a classic moccasin. If this style of shoe speaks to you, we recommend taking a look at the elegant moccasins from Marks and Spencers. They’re made from soft suede and have a faux fur sock and lining to keep your feet warm. The soles also offer extra grip and you can choose from tan, berry, and navy shades. 

5. Terry Towelling Slipper in Lemon 

yellow terry towelling slippers

This is our absolute favourite summer footwear  - our Terry Towelling Slippers in vibrant lemon. They’re laid-back, and lend themselves perfectly for a day at the beach or swimming pool. For women’s summer slippers, you can’t beat the zesty lemon shade - just add a floppy hat and a spritz in hand to complete your outfit! 

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