The 5 Best Indoor Slippers in 2022

indoor slippers australia

Did you fall hard for slipper wearing during the pandemic? With working from home (or some kind of hybrid model) becoming the new norm that’s set to stay, the slipper has never been more of an essential to have in your shoedrobe. Comfortable, stylish, and a way to feel put together even whilst staying home, we can’t get enough of a good pair of indoor slippers. Keep reading to find out our favourite 5 indoor slippers in 2022. 

How to clean indoor slippers? 

One of the most asked questions online is around how to keep your shoes clean. For Monte slippers, we recommend using a shoe brush or old tooth brush to help brush away any dirt. If you notice the material is a little discoloured or uneven with use, you can also try cleaning the shoes with a garment steamer and a shoe brush to even out the material. 

5 Best Working From Home Slippers in 2022

The best part of work from home? Wearing slippers to the ‘office’ might just be our favourite thing to do! Slide your feet into one of these heavenly pairs of stylish slippers now. 

1. Summer indoor slippers

summer indoor slippers

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you have to go barefoot around the house. Keep your feet comfy and protected with a pair of our Terry Towelling Slippers. The spongey footbed is pure luxury to slide your feet into and an embodiment of all that summertime should be — vibrant, laid-back, beach-ready or en route to the pool after work. They’re open-toed too, because we know you want to show your summer pedicure off!

2. Japanese indoor slippers

One of the most popular styles of slipper on the internet, these are also known as ‘Uwabaki’. Japanese slippers are an absolute staple in Japanese households to prevent their socks from getting dirty or feet from getting cold or from ruining their tatami mats.  If this is what you’re looking for, take a look at Heiwas Slippers. 

3. Men's indoor slippers

men's indoor slippers

All of our Monte slippers are happily unisex, however, we really like our Velvet Slippers collection for men. They’re elegant and classy and perfect for lounging around at home in style. Try our jet black velvet slippers for guys. Based on the fashionable loafer model, this simple but striking shoe works well for all-year wear. Consider adding optional monogramming to them for a real sophisticated take on the at home slipper. Warmth, class and comfort is guaranteed with a pair of our black velvet slippers.  

4. Winter indoor slippers 

When it comes to winter slippers, you can’t really beat our Shearling Slippers. Ultra fluffy, these are the only shoes you’ll want on your feet during the cold depths of winter. Why? They’re like a warming cocoon thanks to their superbly-soft interior lining. As far as aesthetics go, they’re a perfect hybrid of comfort and fashion too. Choose from closed or open-toed versions of our Shearling in neutral oatmeal or black.

5. Women’s indoor slippers 

winter indoor slippers

For women specifically, we love our Oatmeal Felt Slippers. Whilst they are unisex, cream is probably a shade that most men will shy away from too. Pair them with a casual work from home outfit of jeans and and a tee, or for luxurious lazy mornings in your pyjamas. The closed toed option is our preferred choice on icy cold mornings! 

Ready to shop for your new pair of indoor slippers? Shop for your new pair now and discover all day long comfort!

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