12 Hours With Isabella Cini

In the dismal depths of winter, we find ourselves naturally navigating towards sources of comfort to counteract the cold. A steaming cup of tea, a phone call with someone special about nothing in particular, a hydrating face mask after a long day. For Melbourne-based interior designer Isabella Cini, it’s the daily routines and habits that bring warmth to her world and balance the chaotic reality of working two jobs.

We talked to Platform One’s cofounder about prioritising sleep, the importance of daily movement and putting trust in Spotify. Take a peek inside Isabella’s busy but beautiful life, where a freshly brewed tea is always within reach.

Good Morning! 7am wake up, but see you in another 20 minutes after I snooze.

Slippers on, tea time! I usually go for a green tea first thing, I then love to sit on my bed and re-read my daily planer which really doesn't have much in it Monday - Thursday... but you never know!

7:45 Shower. Pick an outfit - go to work!

The morning drive, if I'm not on the phone to mum then I'm listening to whatever Spotify has magically put together for me that week. They seem to know me well... 

8:30 and I have arrived to work on time, I love my job as an Interior designer. I get to work on such incredible new builds with the best team anyone could ever ask for.

... I need a coffee, 9:00 and I go to visit Jenny at the cafe next door for my daily large batch brew (obsessed with batch brew at the moment)

Crunch time. Tea time. Meeting Time. Tea Time. Design design design. Get distracted by all the pretty materials in sample library time. Home time!

Between 5:10 and 5:30 most days I am either on the phone to by beautiful boyfriend, my little sister or my Dad!

My brain and mind are jamb packed all day, so the moment I get home before I do anything else really, I sit on my bed, and I start scrolling (or sourcing in other words)...

 5:30 This is when the magic happens for Platform One, my 'side hustle' I started quite a few years ago now. It has grown from being an online blog showcasing emerging design - to an entire community of people across the world who share an interest in slow fashion, innovative design and creativity!

2021 was the year Mariah, (Platform One's now other half) and I moved from an online space into the 'real world' and began hosting markets for local emerging designers. A dream of Platform One since the day the account was made.

Most evenings I spend a fair bit of time sourcing and connecting with designers from around the globe, working on the website (watch this space), and posting features on brands and products.

6:30 Slip on my new fluffies and head to Pilates. I neeeeed to actually move otherwise I'm literally sat down all day (office life...)

7:45 Housemate dinner, I live with 2 chefs soooo its pretty good here!

9:00 wind down time - tea time (again), face mask and some Lindt Sea Salt dark chocolate.

10:00 the diffuser is on and notes of cedar wood are filling my bedroom.

10:30 Lights are out! If I don't get enough sleep I cannot function - and I learned this the hard way trying to balance 2 jobs. You can only push so hard for a short period of time before you burn out. So now I'm all about the eat, sleep, work/play, repeat but with an emphasis on the SLEEP.

Goodnight 🙂 


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