The First Father's Day: A Chat With Our Co-Founder Will Carter

Fathering. It's no mean feat. And this year, it’s our co-founder Will’s first time commemorating all of the Dad stuff. (Insert: first swims, ruined shirts, lockdown learnings, and growing a small human with no prior experience). 

Seven months ago, he and co-founder Lib brought baby Florence into existence and they've been navigating the whole parenting thing since. As Father’s Day approaches, we checked in with Will to chat Floss, fathering and how the Monte family plans to celebrate the big day ahead.

Fatherhood so far in 10 words or less.

No one should be awake at 3am sober.

Worst Father's Day gift you've ever issued? And the best?

Any Father’s Day gift your dad actually uses is a good gift. For that reason, it's fair to say I haven’t given many great ones over the years (sorry Dad). Oversized business shirts, socks and ties, booze and more booze are always winners. But a unique gift (like Montes), or a memorable experience to enjoy together will really impress him. Do the research and find them something extra special that dad wouldn't buy for himself. Make it a bit fancy and extravagant, so he feels like Elton John when he next walks into the pub.

Any unconventional advice for new fathers out there?

Not sure it's unconventional, but find those moments with your little one when it’s just you and them. It gives mum a break but also creates this special bond from having your undivided attention. For me, it’s the morning wake-up and the early bottle. Being present is another really important gift you can give them  – stop scrolling and keep your head up. Also don’t shave your legs – not that I’ve ever done that – but it’s the perfect entertainment for Floss when she grabs and pulls and I scream in pain.

F-Day lunch outfit? 

Some welcomed Melbourne sunshine will definitely warrant a nice pant and shirt combo – most likely a single pleated front navy chino and a light blue long-sleeve shirt. Hopefully the weather requires a flatback hat – worn front or back depending on the venue. For footwear, what else but a pair of Powder Blue Montes

How will you be spending Father's Day this year?

With Floss cheering home the Bombers in the AFL semis, which we hope is against Lib’s team Melbourne to fuel some memorable family rivalry. She’s turning into a die-hard Baby Bomber, maybe even a bigger fan than me. But she can support whoever she wants of course...


 Photography by Becca Crawford 


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