At Home with Violet Grace Atkinson

We caught up with the gorgeous Violet Grace Atkinson (@violetgrace_) to check how she's coping at home (in her Monte slippers). Lawyer turned creative director and stylist, we adore Violet's effortless style and fun loving sense of humour.

Enjoy the chat! 

What are you reading and listening to right now? 

I’m listening to a lot of old school Kanye West (Graduation album is a banger) and I’m reading a lot of cookbooks (#isocooking) as well as intellectual property law literature for my PhD.

What have you learnt in iso? 

How much of an extroverted socialite I am HAHA! But in all seriousness I’ve probably seen the value of genuinely helping each other out of love and not necessarily in a transactional sense - I’ve really enjoyed working with brands through this period.

Ride-or-die Netflix series?

Gossip Girl ALL THE WAY. The fashion and beauty inspo is timeless. Sex and the City is also amazing for fashion inspo but the storylines in GG get me.

Ultimate WFH outfit? 

A wide-leg velvet pant suit with some mule slides. I do not subscribe to the idea that you should dress-down because you’re working from home - I feel my best when I’m dressed in a nice outfit so why would I neglect that.

At-home workout go-to?

Oh lord - when I’m feeling proactive I do some Pilates. Because: abs baby.

What’s cooking in the kitchen? 

A lot of chicken salads, Mexican and also baking. I LOVE baking (my hips don’t though).

Current Go-to Instagram accounts? 

@velvetdynasty is a fave along with any interior and architecture accounts. This ISO period has been difficult because I get most of my creative inspiration from outdoors (buildings, coastlines, rock formations etc). So I’m really delving into some IG pages that showcase that at the moment.

The first activity you'll partake in post-quarantine?

A night out with the girls. Seriously I CANNOT wait. I need an outrageous outfit and some serious disco music.  

A restaurant you can't wait to go back to?

I can’t wait to go sit down at my favourite cafe ‘Gertrude & Alice Bookstore Café’ in Bondi to be honest. It’s the little things! 

One golden WFH rule:

Make to do lists. 

Zoom or House Party? 

I’m hopeless and haven’t used either. My friends and I have been using the Facebook video chat (it has fun face filters).

Words to live by?

I don’t have any set words, but my parents are pretty wise. I was in the country with them recently talking to dad about the current work situation and he came out with the age-old gem:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” 

And honestly that was what I needed to hear. I can always rely on them for their wisdom.

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