In Tune with Harvey Miller

One half of Client Liaison, Harvey Miller is no stranger to creative chaos, riotous beats and running amok around the world. Today, we’re slowing the tempo and stepping backstage to chat about all things wining, dining and unwinding with the musical mastermind. At ease.

Give us the Harvey Miller elevator pitch.

Hello. I’m Harvey Miller AO and for the last 7 years I’ve been producing and performing music as part of Melbourne-based band Client Liaison. One of my proudest moments was in 2018 when a federal MP publicly threatened to investigate my finances under parliamentary privilege.

What are you consuming right now? Reading and listening wise.

No Tiger King, mainly creator content from those I subscribe to on Youtube. Other than that, friend and former band mate Tom Tilly’s new daily podcast, The Briefing

Tell us about your average day as one half of Client Liaison?

There’s unfortunately not enough routine to describe an average day. The one constant is travel. A lot of traveling, as we tour often.

When do you feel most alive?

Seeing people enjoy what you’ve made, be it a song, show, video, or piece of content.

What is your creative process like?

Unlike most people’s! Routine is rather difficult to develop as the nature of the work often changes. Maintaining goals is particularly important. Personally, I like to focus heavily on one project at a time and find it difficult to switch between tasks.

Ultimate knockoff drink?

Expensive red wine that isn’t Pinot. Pinot tastes like water. People need to stop drinking it.

A recipe you’d love to master?

Spaghetti Vongole.

What was the creative process behind Champagne Affection?

I wrote all the backings music some years ago and presented it to Monte and our Dann Hume (another writer we work with) whilst doing sessions at the Music Farm in Byron Bay. Monte had the lyric idea of ‘Champagne affection’ laying around for some time and found a way for it to sit over the chorus. The rest is history.

How do you unwind?

Swimming laps in an outdoor pool on a warm day.

Who inspires you in fashion right now?

Johnson tailors, Uniqlo. I’m also really into Tyrone Susman’s instagram (a designer for Rick Owens) who gives a fun insight into the world of high fashion in Paris.

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

Fantasy is truth.

You’re embarking on an Off- White Limousine road trip and you can choose any 3 people in the world to ride with. Who’s with you?

Malcolm Turnbull, Jeffery Epstein and Paul Keating’s daughter, Katherine Keating.

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it say?

Croc Hunter.

If you left your slipper at the ball, who would you like to return it to you?

One of Paul Keating's other daughters.

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